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  • Cactus Care

    Posted on June 01 2023

    Have a cactus that’s droopy? A succulent that is unhappy? There are easy ways to tell if your plant buddy needs water or less/more sun, here’s how!Succulents store water in...

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  • Prom jewelry

    Posted on May 31 2023

    Most people think of prom flowers in terms ofboutonnieres, corsages, or handtied bouquets. But the moreadventurous among us choose to use flowers anywhere – as pocketsquares, earrings, necklaces, shoe clips,...

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  • Easter Lilies

    Posted on April 01 2023

    When Easter lilies appear in shops, it’s a harbinger that the holiday is close by. This lily is one-of-a-kind, but the symbolism the flower embodies is myriad and interesting! Long...

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  • Spring Bulbs

    Posted on March 10 2023

    When people think of Spring, three bulb flowers come to mind: tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils. Everyone knows how they grow, how to plant them, and so forth – thank goodness...

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  • The Color of Love

    Posted on February 01 2023

    A rose by any other word might smell as sweet, but what about a rose of a different color? Red roses have been an undeniable symbol of Valentine’s Day for...

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  • The Historical Tradition of the Yule Log

    Posted on December 01 2022

    The tale of the Christmas Yule log was born in the faraway lands of Norway. Deriving from the Norse word, “Hweol,” meaning wheel, the Norse people would use the Yule...

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