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  • Spring Bulbs

    Posted on March 10 2023

    When people think of Spring, three bulb flowers come to mind: tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils. Everyone knows how they grow, how to plant them, and so forth – thank goodness...

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  • The Color of Love

    Posted on February 01 2023

    A rose by any other word might smell as sweet, but what about a rose of a different color? Red roses have been an undeniable symbol of Valentine’s Day for...

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  • The Historical Tradition of the Yule Log

    Posted on December 01 2022

    The tale of the Christmas Yule log was born in the faraway lands of Norway. Deriving from the Norse word, “Hweol,” meaning wheel, the Norse people would use the Yule...

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  • Thanksgiving Centerpieces

    Posted on November 01 2022

    The beginning of centerpieces being known as a household staple began back in the 18th and 19th century. It originally began as a way for the rich to showcase their...

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  • Here Comes the Sun: Back to School

    Posted on September 07 2022

    As the summer begins to wind down and the change of seasons are right on the horizon, it’s finally back-to-school season. This September, honor any scholar or educator in your...

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  • Gorgeous Gladiolus

    Posted on August 03 2022

    The flower of the month for August is the gorgeous Gladiolus! This luscious looking plant is a perennial plant that derives from the iris family of flowers. The gladiolus is...

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