The "Sweet Juliet Rose

The "Sweet Juliet Rose

Imagine walking into Prom or your wedding knowing that your bouquet contains the world’s most expensive rose! The “Sweet Juliet” rose by English grower David Austin OBE took 15 years to hybridize and cost $5 million (3 million pounds Sterling) to perfect. “Sweet Juliet” made its rosy debut at the Chelsea Flower Show in London – the most prestigious flower show in the world – in 2006 to worldwide acclaim. Known as an English Garden Rose, this beautiful 70-petaled cupped rose grows through the color stages of warm apricot to pinky-peach and sports smooth, cuplike outer petals surrounding a frilly center heart. It is available as a climbing shrub rose to gardeners and a long-stemmed garden rose for
florists. But just because this rose was so incredibly expensive to create, it does not mean that “Sweet Juliet” is unattainable to you as a consumer! The average cost is a little bit more than a standard rose and is well worth it for its show stopping qualities of color, size, and lemon-peachy aroma.

David Austin OBE sadly passed away in 2018 at age 92 in Shropshire, England but left as his legacy over 200 rose breeds and 20 gold medals from the Chelsea Flower Show. Completely self-taught in the art of rose breeding, he made it his lifelong goal to bring scent back to roses – a quality that unfortunately had begun to be bred out of most roses in favor of size and longevity. Austin’s greatest achievement was “Sweet Juliet”, her namesake the tragic heroine of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, a rose now cherished by florists and buyers around the world. This is a rose we here at The Garden of Eden love, so ask us about adding “Sweet Juliet” to your event floral today!

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