Why We Give Flowers

Why We Give Flowers

As a South Jersey flower shop, we deal with a lot of people who plant to give flowers to someone significant in their life, as a sign of appreciation or affection.  

While we all know what the impact flowers can have on a person, why do we even give flowers in the first place?  Join us today, and see how the notion of giving flowers has transformed into the tradition that it is today.


The tradition of giving flowers to someone stems all the way from the Ancient Greeks, who associated flowers with the gods.  At first, the Greeks would give flowers as an offering at a temple, but overtime it developed into giving flowers to an earthly goddess: a pretty woman.  Thus began our simple tradition of giving flowers as a sign of affection, but it would grow over the next couple of millennia.

After the Greeks, flowers were construed as a way to show any type of emotion, but it was actually the Victorians who developed the individual meanings for each flower.  Since the Victorians lived in an era where outward emotion was frowned upon, they relied on the colorful hues of the flower to tell their message.  

Everything, from the type of flower, to the color, to the size and stem, played a part in deciphering the code, and giving a clearer view to what the sender actually intended.  You can check out all of the Victorian meanings of the flowers in our weekly Feature Flower Friday article.

Soon, the United States adopted the Victorian way of flower meaning, and it has evolved into the culture of what we know today.  Still, the history of flower-giving is still being written, and can drastically change in the next few years. However, not matter the reason for giving flowers, know that we are always available to help.  

With several convenient locations in South Jersey, and many trained florists, you can be assured that we can meet whatever need you have, and do so in a timely and outstanding fashion.  Give us a call today or walk into any one of our many shops to get started!

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