Wedding Flower Trends for 2019

Posted on October 27 2018

Wedding Flower Trends for 2019
Trends go in and out over the years. There are some things that you find yourself thinking, this will never come back in style, then low and behold it explodes. The tradition of the bride in white, a magnificent cake and the tossing of rice are traditions that hardly sway. However, flower styles are a trend that come and go. While nothing will replace the all-white trend, there are plenty of new ways to spice up your wedding day. 2018 was all about the greens with little focus on flowers themselves. While this trend is definitely here to stay through 2019, the typical pale pastels are gone, replaced by bold blooms and pairings that challenge the typical notions people hold of wedding arrangements. As Summer fades away, the colors of the sun setting come to the forefront of weddings. Bright, bold oranges, reds, and purples pop up as fall is upon us. The greenery trend is still very much upon us, however flowers are being reintroduced as a beautiful option that can break tradition. We are starting to see a mix of these colorful blooms with foliage to maximize your money and create depth. The texture offered by the combination of these bold colors and fun ferns creates a stunning balance. The mix and match of palettes with different shades and hues seem to be a large trend of this year. Less simple flowers are becoming much more popular. Gone are the days of the typical wedding rose. Brides are welcoming foreign and exotic plants as well as potted plants if they are interested in the tropical look. Choosing interesting, more exotic plants is much more enticing to brides in 2019. With neutral colors making a rise in bridal dresses, the option to play up your flowers is much more expansive. Playing up the drama. Large floral installments are on the rise. Extravagantly rich and deep tones in an arch over your ceremony or a hanging floral chandelier are wow factors that your guests won’t miss. Having nontraditional ways in which flowers are showcased is a rising trend for 2019. Hanging flower hoops can fill large spaces with a intriguing visual display. They are also a phenomenal alternative to centerpieces. Minimalistic style is on a rise. With a more socially conscious generation of people getting married, many brides have been finding the less is more approach to be of greater value. While this can be applied to every aspect of the wedding, it holds true most for flowers. With the bold trends, it is important however to introduce these bright elements in a subtle way as to not overwhelm your wedding. Creating a sophisticated look is more achievable when choosing to use fewer blooms. When choosing a minimalistic approach, you also are able to pay more attention to the smaller details, materials, and unique features that can be overlooked when focusing on the flowers. A vision is also much clearer for you and your florist with this approach. When it comes to the main arrangement, the bride’s bouquet, we are seeing a shift from the traditional bouquet style to a more whimsical and romantic look. Gone are the days of the compact bouquet filled with roses and all white flowers. New bouquets feature vines and ferns mixed with flowers, a cascading look is achieved. Large bouquets are often of less geometrical shapes; they are more organic looking, with no clear-cut shape. Unstructured and understated bouquets are on the rise with the edgier looks that are coming about. When it comes to your wedding day it is important to remember trends are only trends. If you prefer the pastel roses in overwhelming arrangements, find a florist who can see that vision and make it come to life. But if you are very trendy and into the latest looks, bright and bold with muted hues of foliage are the way for you to go this wedding season. 2019 is the year to be creative and colorful so don’t pass up the opportunity to explore all the incredible options! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so choose the flowers that make your day the most beautiful.


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