Wedding Flower Tips

Posted on August 10 2016

Wedding Flower Tips
Your wedding day is arguably one of the biggest days in your life.  One big, and sometimes overlooked, part of the wedding is going to be your floral arrangements--they are going to be everywhere.  From the bouquet that you hold, to the arrangements acting as centerpieces for all the tables, flowers will be everywhere.  So, in an effort to help your wedding planning go a little smoother, we have provided you a few tips when it comes to picking out the perfect flowers, so you're wedding will be the best it possibly can be. Of all of the tips on wedding arrangements out there, we have one ultimate tip to trump them all: know your budget.  By knowing your budget, both you and us are better able to brainstorm on what we can do to help you.  Having a finite number to go with is so much easier than opposed to being told "do whatever will look best, no matter the cost".  You wouldn't go to buy a new car without telling the salesman how much you plan to spend, now would you?  Wedding flowers follow the same idea--the more you tell us, the better we will be able to help you. In addition, another piece of advice that we give to our clients is not to skimp out on the bridal bouquet.  If you are going to spend an exorbitant amount of money on any one flower arrangement, make it your bridal bouquet.  This bouquet will be immortalized in photos and memories forever, so please be sure to make it exactly how you want it!  Tell us what you like, and we can create something that is sure to take your breath away. Finally, one of our best tips is to be open minded to suggestions.  Sometimes a bride comes in and asks for a certain type of flower that is just not naturally available during that time, but we always come up with an alternate solution.  By having an open mind when it comes to this, you may even walk out with a better arrangement and centerpieces than what you had in your head when you walked in.  Take your time, voice what you want, and then listen to other suggestions.  We promise it will work out in the end. Your wedding is a wonderful event, and we want to make it the best it possibly can be.  By making an appointment with one of our wedding floral specialists, we can expertly give you the wedding of your dreams; one that will surely be remembered by all.  All that is needed is a simple phone call to us, and we can make it a realty.


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