Wedding Flower Mistakes - Think About it OMG!

Posted on October 27 2018

Wedding Flower Mistakes - Think About it OMG!
Trying to find the perfect combination of flowers for your wedding can be much fun, but it can also be a challenge where people tend to go over the top. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests with flowers absolutely everywhere. Here are some tips and tricks to help keep your flower intake at an appropriate amount. Before you even start to think about what flowers you want you need to find a florist that you like and trust to complete your vision. If you’re in the market for a florist, which you are since most people like incorporating flowers into their wedding day, you need to check out your options. Finding a designer who can see you vision and makes you feel comfortable with every part of the process. You will see a pattern of things you like and pitch those few ideas to her. Once you clarify exactly what you are looking for, you can identify who is the best person for the job. A big mistake that gets made often is when brides focus too much on each individual bouquet or arrangement instead of how it will all look as one cohesive display. Ignoring the overall picture can be easy to do but your flowers should have some theme of some sort so that they all reflect one another appropriately. Another mistake is when you choose all one color and bloom or too many different colors and blooms. Monochromatic looks can be very detailed and beautiful but don’t be afraid to use color. However, consider the colors that you are already incorporating in your wedding and how the blooms will reflect them. If all your tones are almost exactly the same, your flowers will tend to be one dimensional. If you use too many colors, your arrangements will be too busy and hard to look at. Discuss balance with your florist. Typically not considered, make sure your flowers scents are not overwhelming for your guests. Some flowers are more potent than other. You need to consider how the scents your blooms are giving off will mix with the other scents throughout the evening. You don’t want the scent of your flowers to ruin the smell or taste of your food or make your guests feel nauseous due to the overwhelming fragrance. If you know you are choosing a flower that is heavily scented, choose to use them sporadically and scarcely or make sure the rest of your blooms have minimal smell. While you may like more delicate flowers, keep in mind that flowers can become very flimsy over time especially if they are left out of water for long periods of time. Avoid choosing flowers for your bouquet that need to be in water. Also avoid choosing flowers that tend to wither or are flimsy. For bouquets, try to have hardier or firmer flower types. Flowers that grow from a bulb are typically able to withstand being in a bouquet the best. You would you’re your second choice of flower that is going to look good throughout the event than your first choice that will wilt halfway through the ceremony. When it comes to the groom, he only wears one flower, so it is important to make sure it can withstand the festivities. Don’t choose a flower that will overwhelm his lapel. Smaller, petite flowers will work best for your men. That being said, don’t feel that a rose is your only option. Succulents, a cluster or berries and greens, wheat, orchids, and many more flower or shrub options are available. While it is easy to have your whole day mapped out, be open to the fact that your ideas may get lost in translation. Your florist is more knowledgeable in which flowers will hold up the best so don’t be afraid to stray from your vision. If your flowers are botched, they can ruin your whole day. Be sure to use these suggestions to help avoid a flower mishap!


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