Wedding Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Wedding Flower Centerpieces Ideas

Your wedding flowers will take up a considerable portion of your wedding budget. It is therefore important to make sure every penny that goes into this gets properly utilized. The centerpieces are easily one of the first things to consider as well. If you want to make a statement with this to set a tone and theme for the party with flowers, here are a few wedding centerpieces ideas you should consider.

1. Hanging centerpieces

Flowers overhead and on the table will make a beautiful sight. Consider discussing this with your professional florist. You can’t imagine how beautiful this can be unless you see one such arrangement.

2. Ruby red

What better way to define romance than beautiful red blooms? If you want to make this a little more dramatic, you can consider offsetting this with subtle touches of peach and lilac. This will undoubtedly make a great sight. Discuss with your florist if you’ll like to incorporate this into your plan.

3. Trophy blooms

This Napa Valley centerpiece is no doubt one of the best wedding centerpieces ideas if you want something that is wildly romantic. These beautiful shades of lavender, butter, and mauve, along with trailing greenery inside an antique brass vase will easily add a touch of glamour to your tables.

4. Simply centerpieces

There is beauty in simplicity and that is why simple-themed flower centerpieces made it as one of our wedding centerpieces ideas. You can discuss with your florist to explore the possibility of a simple garden-inspired romantic centerpiece.

5. High contrast

This appealing Boho arrangement of sage greenery, blooming flowers, along with grasses will make the mood and atmosphere highly romantic –and majestic too!

6. Pink touch

Tulips, feminine roses, and hellebores will add a touch of modernity and romance to your tables if properly mixed. You can also complement this with pale pink glassware and a blush anthurium.

7. Fern centerpieces

Rounding off our wedding centerpieces ideas is the fern-based centerpiece. You can try out a mix of beautiful flowers and variegated foliage. This is not only romantic; it will be your thing if you want something casual, wild, or organic. Truth is there is a lot you can try as wedding centerpieces ideas go. At the end of the day, the experience, creativity, and professionalism of your florist will greatly determine how beautiful this turns out to be in the end. You’ll therefore need a great florist will help you realize the elegance and style you want to achieve with your wedding flower centerpiece. Please gives a call to schedule an appointment with a professional florist.
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