Wedding Flower 101: Meaning of the Freesia Flower

Wedding Flower 101: Meaning of the Freesia Flower


The beauty of flowers has a lot to do with its exterior aspect. With that being said, it’s the integral component that carries great significance too. Every flower is a symbolic representation of something special or unique. It could be a feeling, a distinct characteristic, a specific purpose or almost anything. The Freesia flower is one example of a beautiful floral component that is widely popular for obvious reasons. The flower is renowned for its alluring fragrance and stunning aesthetic appeal, making it a widely popular species around the globe today. To help give you a better understanding regarding the greatness that surrounds the Freesia flower, we’re going in-depth into unraveling the true meaning behind the luscious Freesia species. So let’s take a look!


The origins of the Freesia flower

The widely popular Freesia flower originated from the vast South African lands. Freesia belongs to the Iris flower family and comprises of around 14 distinct species. The botanist Christian P. Ecklon named the flower as a sign of friendship for his fellow botanist friend Friedrich H.T. Freese. The delicate fragrance ensures the Freesia to be recognized from miles away. While the Freesia is hard to grow in local gardens and has fragile petals, they continue to serve as favorite cut flowers for weddings and bouquets. Their funnel shape silhouette and sword-shaped leaves are a beautiful sight to witness.


Exploring the meaning of the Freesia flower

Amongst its many literal meanings, the terms friendship, innocence, thoughtfulness, and trust best describe this flower. Freesia flowers are beautiful gifts for loved ones. Their appearance in a room is known to alter moods, making them a beautiful memoir across diverse cultures. In the Victorian language, the Freesia is the perfect example of trust in its purest form. In the United States of America, the flower serves as the ideal choice to mark a couple’s 7th wedding anniversary celebrations. In the world of numerology, the Freesia symbolizes the digit nine. This represents the traits of selflessness and obligation. Till today, couples adore their use for wedding flower bouquets as they represent a bride’s purity and a couple’s form of trust.


The alluring shades of the Freesia and their symbolic significance

Since the Freesia is a fashionable floral species, it is commonly crossbred to produce a distinct array of stunning flowers. A rounded estimate of 1400 species exists today, ranging from breathtaking hues such as red and white to yellow, pink and purple too. Each color carries a special significance. While the red represents passion, the white stands for purity and innocence. White Freesias are the most common selection for wedding flower bouquets due to their profound meaning. Multi-toned Freesia flower bouquets are the perfect representation of friendship and great thoughtfulness. Pink Freesias represent motherly love, while yellow species are all about joy and harmony.


Interesting facts surrounding the Freesia floral species

Freesia flowers can be seen in single petal or double petal variants, growing in a unique Y shaped manner. The flower has a characteristic fragrance which has been quoted in countless famous works of poets. The Freesia plant is zygomorphic, allowing the flower to grow on a single side of the stalk. A uniquely shaped Freesia exists which has been given the literal title of a ballerina. The Freesia has a rich cultural and symbolic background. And that is why the flower is termed to be a popular choice for weddings, anniversaries and other kinds of celebrations today.
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