Watering The Right Amount

Watering The Right Amount

During the holidays, there's no doubt that you want to deck the halls with plants galore, and help bring that festive environment alive. Well, when planning to put out different plants, you may be surprised that each one needs to be cared for a little bit differently, especially when it comes to watering.


Read on to find out how much you should water your holiday plants! The first thing we’ll cover today is a plant commonly found in many homes during the holiday season: Christmas trees. These beautiful trees provide a real festive feel, but must be provided with adequate water in order to keep them healthy.


Always have water in the tree stand for best results, and be sure to water the tree twice a day when you first bring it home, as it will have a mighty thirst! Next come poinsettias. These flowers really captivate the season with their sheer red beauty, but don't let them be a captive to water. Poinsettias should only be watered when their soil is dry, and only with enough water to dampen the soil. Since they are desert plants, too much water can drown them, literally.


Water them less for best results. Finally comes the question of fresh greenery, such as garland and wreaths. While you cannot water these when they are displayed, you can do them a great service by letting them soak overnight in a bathtub of water before putting them up. This allows the plants to soak up all the water they possibly can, which will generally be enough to keep them fresh throughout the whole season.


Taking care of these plants may seem like a challenge, but it is extremely easy when you cut it down to size. For more holiday decoration tips, come on in and talk to one of our many experienced florists, or check back every Wednesday for our latest article!

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