Varying Vases

Posted on July 27 2016

Varying Vases
No matter how your pronounce it, flower-aficionados can all agree on one thing: the vase can make or break the flowers.  Picking the right flowers is half the battle--picking the right vase can really bring home the message you plan to give, or brighten up your room even more.  With all the different options for vases out there, we want to make sure that you will pick the right vase for the job.  Join us today, as we explore different types of vases and where to use each one. Out of all the vases out there, many floral-experts suggest to use an opaque vase in most situations.  By opting for a vase that you cannot see through, you are taking away potential attention from the stems of the flowers, where the actual flower should be the focal point.  An hourglass-shaped vase works best, where it is the bulkiest on the bottom and thins out towards the top.  In addition, most florists argue that a solid green color works the best, as it will match any sort of leaf or stem that protrudes from the vase.  If green isn't your thing, then perhaps opt for a gray vase, as it will neutralize the green color of the stems and truly let the flowers pop. In addition, contrary to popular belief, bigger is not better when it comes to vases.  You need to be sure that you are giving the flower enough room to shine.  For example, if you are planning to buy long-stemmed roses that measure 20-inches, get a vase that is about 10-13 inches long. On the other hand, if you are looking to give a singular flower to someone and not an arrangement, then try to find a bud vase which are specifically designed to hold one flower.  These vases are often elegant, simple, and provides enough room to showcase your singular flower.  Again, if possible, try to find an opaque one, and really let that flower shine. When either buying for yourself or buying for someone else, you need to keep in mind the vase that you plan to gift the flowers in.  Just as every flower needs its water, every great arrangement needs its proper vase. For more information on picking out the right vase, ask any of our trained florists.  They would be more than happy to assist you! As always, be sure to check in with our blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more helpful tips and fun facts about everything floral!


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