Valentine's Day Tips for 2022

Valentine's Day Tips for 2022

It’s that time of year again!  The time when love is all around and flowers take center stage.  The roller coaster ride we have all been on since COVID changed our world is still reaping havoc on the economy and the floral industry is no exception.  It is more important now than ever to support your local small businesses, like your local florist.  You might be asking yourself “How can I support small businesses in my community this season, while still keeping my finances in check?”

Prices have been inflating left and right, costs of operating every type of business throughout the world have skyrocketed.  For flowers, which already fluctuate with the market, we can expect Valentine’s Day prices to be higher than usual.  Don’t worry; your local florist is here to help!  Here are a few tips to keep your wallet and your honey happy this Valentine’s Day!

Order Early!  Ordering early will ensure that you get the top pick of all options.  Many floral businesses will also be offering exclusive pricing, deals, and specials for customers ordering early, like free delivery or complimentary chocolates and balloons! 

Be honest about your budget and expectations.  There are so many beautiful floral options available.  When you are honest about your floral budget, your florist will be able to give you suggestions on options that can knock your socks off at any price point!   For some customers, flowers are the main Valentine’s Day gift, while for others they are adding flowers as a compliment to something else.  Let your florist know so that we can provide you with what is best for your needs.

Steer clear of Order Gatherers.  What is an order gatherer?  An order gatherer is an online “flower shop” that is not a flower shop at all.  These online sites are famous for offering flower deals that seem too good to be true (Think, a dozen roses for $29.99). These headlines draw you in, but additional fees are always tacked on at the end.  Once you place your order, these gatherers will try to send your order to a local shop to fill for a portion of the price you paid along with a vague description of what you ordered.  Most local shops will not accept these orders and they often end in client disappointment as they go unfulfilled or the customer doesn’t receive what they think they ordered.  Be sure that you are ordering from an actual brick and mortar shop with a local address.

No matter what you choose this Valentine’s Day, be it a traditional dozen red roses or a modern mixed bouquet, flowers are always a gorgeous way to say “I Love You”.

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