Valentine’s Chocolate

Posted on February 01 2017

Valentine’s Chocolate
February 14th is now within our sights, and we have no doubt that you have great plans to make that special someone in your life smile.  While flowers are often seen as the Valentine’s Day staple, chocolate also plays an important part in the celebration.  However, knowing exactly what to get your sweetheart may seem to be a bit difficult, but there is no need to worry—we’ve put together a comprehensive guide for picking our chocolates for your special someone.  Keep on reading to find out more! When it comes to buying chocolate, much of it depends on the preferences of the person whom you are buying them for—and we don’t mean about the actual chocolate.  How you present the chocolate gives off a huge impression as to what the gift truly means, and most of that will depend on the type of person they are.  For example, if they like the traditional and slightly cliché route, then they would adore a heart-shaped box filled with a chocolate sampler, and would treasure it with immense joy.  On the other hand, if they are a very original, creative, and non-traditional person, then perhaps the heart-shaped box will mean something different, say you did not put a lot of effort into it.  No matter what type, we advise doing something a little nontraditional, and get her an original creation that speaks volumes over the red cardboard heart. Next, you also need to know the tastes and preferences of chocolate that this person likes.  It may seem like a simple thing, but many people find themselves buying a sampler of plain milk chocolate when their sweetheart loves dark chocolate.  Make sure you know who you plan to give the chocolate to, and either find out from them or their friends what they really like.  Whether it’s a crème-filled chocolate, or a white chocolate drizzle, or maybe even a chocolate covered wafer, everyone has something that they absolutely love. Finally, once you have gathered all of this information, bring it down to any one of our shops so we can whip up a very special creation for that very special someone.  Despite our name, we have a plethora of chocolates and sweets available at many of our stores, making your Valentine’s Day gift search that much easier. Come on in today and have a chat with one of our many trained staff members, to find the perfect gift for your Valentine!


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