Top Five 2019 Wedding Flower Trends

Top Five 2019 Wedding Flower Trends


Choosing the best wedding flowers for your 2019 wedding looks easy but it’s not! You’ve got a variety of options and choices from which you have to choose for your wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Having so many options can be both a blessing and a challenge. However, here are some of the most popular wedding flower trends leading the pack in 2019.


1. Year of the wearables

People are getting more creative by the day. While more and more people are actually embracing living hair accessories as well as arm cuffs and wraps, more couples in 2019 are also using wearables already to wow their guests and make their big days even more colorful.


2. Beautiful monoflower

Chances are high that it never crossed your mind for once what impact a single flower type can make on your D-day. Creative professional florists are already working wonders with this trendy 2019 flower trend, making beautiful floral headpieces and bouquets from single flower types.


3. Overgrown garden glory

Your wedding day should be purely romantic and beautiful. Recreating overgrown gardens into the scene will easily make the atmosphere romantic. This simple trick may be all you need to make your venues bloom from the inside out!


4. Stretching petals

Thought the loose organic floral design we’ve always loved couldn’t get any better? Think again! 2019 couples are getting more creative with this stretching petals trend. This is making it easy to achieve incredible results with simple linear designs that are spacious but low on depth. If you’re able to get an experienced professional florist to help with this, you’ll definitely be able to achieve more with less so you can spend the dollars elsewhere.


5. Colorblock

Centerpieces, mixed linens, bridal party attire, and even dessert displays are being used in this beautiful and creative 2019 wedding flower trend. The color block trend is more than beautiful and can be your simple way of having your day with all of the colors you’ve always loved. Up here are some of the timeless trends most couples are obsessed within 2019. You can’t go wrong with an experienced professional florist if you decide to incorporate any of these into your big day. All of these are no doubt beautiful and magical. With a professional florist, it will be much easier to bring your bloom vision to life on your 2019 wedding day.


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