Top 7 Wedding Spring Flowers - What are your favorites?

Top 7 Wedding Spring Flowers - What are your favorites?


If you’ve chosen the spring for your wedding, then you my friend are a lucky bride. The weather during this period is neither too cold nor too hot. Spring also happens to be the peak season for some of the most gorgeous flowers, so you have everything in place to make your day very colorful and beautiful. You probably would find it challenging to pick from the wide range of options before you.

This post on the top 7 wedding spring flowers will, however, give you an insight.


1. Peonies

Peonies are not just gorgeous; they are a timeless and all-time favorite for many brides. With a good professional florist, these spring flowers can be incorporated into your wedding for a variety of styles that can range from opulent to romantic.

2. Roses

A rose bouquet or centerpiece will give your spring wedding a touch of class and beauty. Roses are a year-round flower and are great for both spring and summer weddings. The high petal count and the fragrant scent have made this a popular choice for wedding flowers.

3. Lilac

Lilac is another great one if you’re looking for the best wedding spring flowers. There’s so much you can do with this sweet-smelling flower. Whether you want to invoke the sweet memories of childhood, of first loves and romance, you should discuss with your florist to see how this can work for you.

4. Tulips

Tulips come in different shapes and styles so you can get them to fit a variety of styles and themes. Whether you want something rustic or you prefer a more modern and colorful approach, there’s really a lot you can do with tulips –more reason why you’ll need a professional florist who is creative and experienced.

5. Hydrangeas

Stunning, low-cost, and simple; these are great for couples on a budget and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

6. Anemone

These lovely and delicate flowers peak during spring. They have a superb vase life of ten days and come in different species. Discuss your options with your florist so you can choose styles that will perfectly compliment your wedding theme.

7. Calla lilies

Calla lilies are beautiful, simple, and sweet for spring weddings. You can wrap them in soft satin ribbons so they can be held by the bride or their bridesmaid. As far as the top wedding spring flowers are concerned, you’ve got a whole lot of options before you. These are definitely some of the best. It is important that everything is done in a way that will match the general theme of the wedding. It is therefore important that you work with a professional florist so you can get the most colorful and beautiful spring wedding you deserve.
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