Top 7 Wedding Flower Millennial Trends for 2018

Top 7 Wedding Flower Millennial Trends for 2018

Just as the years change, wedding trends follow suit, constantly providing new details and touches that help to inspire the creation of a special day. As 2018 approached, speculation as to what styles would remain and what would change began. Now with the new year underway, we are exposed to floral options of all sorts.

1. Contrast is Key

This year it is all about the bold and bright bride. Choosing flowers that pop will elevate the arrangements. While this is not for all brides, choosing pastels or subtler colors with just a touch of boldness will allow for the contrast that completes an arrangement. The bold color options change depending on the season. For winter, deep, rich colors such as blues and purples are popular. For fall choose burgundy and oranges. For spring and summer, playing up a combination of three or more colors, such as dark greens and browns with peaches, reds, yellows, and whites, make for unforgettable arrangements.

2. Play up the assets

Don’t let your main attraction fall short of stunning... accessorize your flowers with green accents. The options are endless when it comes to greenery ranging from the traditional use of flowers that bloom in greenish tones to the trendy use of vines, branches, and other diverse textures. Using these pieces in your arrangements allows for a lush and fuller appearance without overdoing the number of flowers. If the greenery is not the look you are trying to achieve, another option is dried botanicals. These add texture as well as body to the arrangement and can give a look that may be more fitting for your wedding.

3. Break the tradition

When it comes to wreaths, thoughts of Christmas immediately come to mind. Consider what the simple shape can do for your special day and challenge that stereotype this year. The shift from rustic to woodsy has arrived and so has the wreath. Use different grasses and vines such as eucalyptus or even select some from your very own yard. Wild flowers can also be incorporated to create a simple but beautiful look. Discard the idea that a wreath has to be a circle. Changing the shape to a square or even a symbol can bring another dimension to this piece making it a unique touch to your wedding.

4. Arbours aren’t a bore anymore

With this new trend, the classic four post arbour is no longer your only option. Round floral arbours create an arching look that centers the focus to the bride and groom. Narrowing the view draws the eye and gives the feeling of wholeness by creating the image of a circle of love.

5.Dress up the dress

Flower crowns were considered all the rage last year, but this year the tiara and flower jewelry are taking the spotlight. Tiaras are generally less heavy, creating a subtler touch than flowers to draw more focus towards the other aspects of the bride. The flower bracelet, unlike a corsage, is light and intricate made with different fabrics and ribbons to carry on the weddings theme. With the rise of older jewelry trends, flower chokers or flowers that can be draped around the collar of the dress, are replacing the flower necklace. These statement pieces are a way to add to a simple dress, allow the bride more creativity when it comes to accessories, or tie natural, beautiful elements into the wedding once again.

6. Catch the eye

Drawing the attention of your guests from one touch to another gives them the chance to embrace the tone of the wedding. With hanging floral arrangements or flower ceilings, it is impossible to fall short of grasping their attention. Succulents have also been on the rise in popularity and are a great option when it comes to hanging. Many different themes can be captured in these small and large hanging pieces.

7.Less can be more

With the new year comes a more simplistic outlook which is being incorporated in the floral wedding world. Downsizing centerpieces and aisle liners can help the bride achieve more of a statement because they can choose larger arrangements. Putting a lesser emphasis on flowers can save money which also allows the bride to focus more on her bouquet. Larger pieces can be in place of an arbour or define the start of the aisle and they can also be utilized in the reception area if they are moved. While it seems that a table arrangement is a necessity, on occasion, it can detract from the experience your guests are having as they try to converse across the table. Larger arrangements placed around the venue may be a better alternative. Choosing flowers can be challenging but with these new trends, there are many options to allow your wedding ideas to transform into your fairytale wedding. Follow us on Instagram for more wedding ideas.
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