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Tis the Wedding Flower Season

Posted on August 27 2018

Tis the Wedding Flower Season
Flowers at your wedding are by far one of the most stand out and memorable pieces of the day. Besides the dress, venue, and food, the floral arrangements are one of the most talked about topics when reflecting on a special day. With this in mind, choosing the best blooms depending on the season that your wedding is in is crucial! The first step to successfully choosing your arrangements is knowing what season your wedding is considered to be in. Is it late summer/early fall, fall, late fall/early winter, winter, late winter/early spring, spring, late spring/early summer, or summer? Depending on your time frame, the flowers you may want may not be in season or to get them may cost an excessive amount. Plus, choosing flowers that are in season in your area can almost guarantee a better product. That leads to our next point of identification: the budget. Some things to consider are how much do you have to spend, do you want to spend that much, do you want a lot of flowers or a small amount and how can you stretch you budget if what you like is too pricey? Choosing flowers that fit your style as well as budget can be quite the challenge but by establishing the amount that you are going to allocate to flowers, your florist can make the whole process easier by showing you the options you can afford based on your vision. It is also important to establish where your wedding is going to be located. While you may work with a florist that is local to your home, if you are getting married somewhere else, the flowers at home may not be available or in season where your wedding is. It may be wise to work with a florist at the wedding location or make sure that it is established before that you are looking for flowers from a different region. Once you have established the season, the budget and the location, you can take your vision to the florist that can accommodate your needs and who can help you identify what your best options are! While there are some flowers that are generally not affected by the seasons, it is best to confirm that your choices are attainable. For those who have chosen to wed in the spring, you are in luck seeing that most flowers bloom in the spring. Some popular options are Roses, Calla Lilies, and Orchids. Summer time can be a hard season to buy flowers for since you must consider that the flowers are going to have to potentially withstand some serious heat. Baby’s breath is a very popular bloom for summer arrangements as well as Hydrangeas and Sunflowers. As for fall, the leaves are changing and so are the flower options. The classic wedding flower, Peonies, are in full swing in the fall months as well as mums and greenery. For the season of cold weather, winter flowers range from Carnations to Evergreens to Holly Berries. Be sure to play up the ability to use greenery as well as twigs and branches of those blooms in season. Choosing the right flowers can seem like a daunting task but identifying your season, budget, and location can make choosing your flowers a breeze. Gather some inspiration, talk to your florist, and make your wedding flower dreams come true!


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