Tip of the Week: Watering While Away

Posted on June 05 2017

Tip of the Week: Watering While Away
Hey there all of you Garden of Eden fans out there and welcome to our latest edition of “Tip of the Week,” where we provide all of you some tips and tricks to keep your indoor flowers and outdoor gardens looking spectacular all the year through! This week, we’re showing you how to make sure your plants are getting enough water, even if you plan to be away for the weekend! For the passionate gardener, finding time to go away can be tough.  Inside, you face the conflict of wanting to take a vacation, but knowing that your plant may not get the water they need for the week.  Well, we have an easy solution to that problem in store for you. All you need to do is grab an empty wine bottle, fill it with water, and then stick it into the pot.  That’s it.  Now, your plant will be set for the weekend while you count the seagulls on the beach! By doing this, you are ensuring that the soil will stay saturated at all times, as the water from the bottle will only release when the soil is starting to get a little dry.  Essentially, you are filling the soil in the pot up with as much water as it can hold, and then as it gets evaporated, immediately replacing the water with that stored in the wine bottle.  It is truly science at work in your garden! For more gardening tips and tricks, be sure to check back every Monday for our latest Tip of the Week!


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