Tip of the Week: Invisible Barriers

Posted on May 01 2017

Tip of the Week: Invisible Barriers
Hey there all of you Garden of Eden fans out there and welcome to our latest edition of “Tip of the Week,” where we provide all of you some tips and tricks to keep your indoor flowers and outdoor gardens looking spectacular all the year through! This week. We’re showing you how to keep invasive plants contained with one simple trick. Flowers and plants are a beautiful thing, but sometimes they can be a little tough to handle, especially with invasive species. Whether you want to protect your plants from a certain species, or are trying to prevent a certain plant you are planting from spreading, you can benefit from this simple trick: Take a plastic pot, grab a knife, and cut around the bottom layer so that the pot has no bottom. Plant like you would normally do, and that’s it! The plastic barriers around the pot will keep the plant contained, no matter where it wants to go. This is a great way to keep plants under control, or to control the size of a certain plant once it has bloomed. For more gardening tips and tricks, be sure to check back every Monday for our latest Tip of the Week!


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