Tip of the Week: On Eggshells

Posted on April 24 2017

Tip of the Week: On Eggshells
Hey there all of you Garden of Eden fans out there and welcome to our latest edition of “Tip of the Week,” where we provide all of you some tips and tricks to keep your indoor flowers and outdoor gardens looking spectacular all the year through! This week. We’re showing you how to improve your garden with the simple help of eggshells. As a gardener, you know the benefits that composting has to offer, but you wonder if there was a faster way to get all the nutrients that you need. Well, enter the eggshell. Believe it or not, eggshells have many nutrients stored inside that would be great for a plant’s help, and the best part is that their decomposition takes far less time than it does in a regular compost pile. All you need to do is to get an eggshell, ground it up, and sprinkle at the base of the plant. That’s it! Now, the finer you grind will result in a faster decomposition, whereas the bigger shells serve as a long lasting boost. Eggshells are perfect for a quick plant pick-me-up! For more gardening tips and tricks, check back to our blog every Monday for our latest Tip of the Week


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