Tip of the Week: DIY Watering Machine

Posted on October 23 2017

Tip of the Week: DIY Watering Machine
Hey there all of you Garden of Eden fans out there and welcome to our latest edition of “Tip of the Week,” where we provide all of you some tips and tricks to keep your indoor flowers and outdoor gardens looking spectacular all the year through! Join us this week, as we give you a great tip on how to make your own watering machine for those times when you need to water your plants while away! The average person plans their vacation around their work schedule, but the dedicated gardener plans their vacation around their plants.  While it is most certainly the mark of a passionate green thumb-er, we have a tip that will allow you to go away when you want to; no matter how thirsty your plants may be. All you need is an empty wine bottle (or another large, glass bottle).  Simple fill it with water, shove it into the soil in the pot, and that it!  Thanks to the law of gravity and other fun physics equations, the water will slowly trickle out, ensuring that you plant has an ample amount of water to be comfortable during the length of your excursion.  Now, how’s that for a cost-effective plant-sitter? For more gardening tips and tricks, be sure to check back next Monday for our latest edition of Tip of the Week!


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