Tip of the Week: Careful Coverings

Posted on December 04 2017

Tip of the Week: Careful Coverings
Hey there all of you Garden of Eden fans out there and welcome to our latest edition of “Tip of the Week,” where we provide all of you some tips and tricks to keep your indoor flowers and outdoor gardens looking spectacular all the year through! Join us today, as we give you an easy tip for covering up your perennials! As December comes around and the Christmas lights begin to go up, all you gardeners out there are undoubtedly settling in for the winter.  It can be a little tough to grow this time of year, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything to help out your garden.  One thing that you should begin to think about is how you are going to cover your perennials, as the impending cold weather can leave crippling frost on them. When choosing to cover your perennials, it is important to notice what kind of material you are going to use.  Many companies will market some sort of plastic covering to go over your flowers, and this is the last thing you want.  Instead, try to go with cloth, as its permeable properties will make sure that water can escape (in other words, the cloth will allow water and snow to evaporate, whereas plastic will just keep it trapped and produce a potential greenhouse effect, which is the last thing you want). Once you have your cloth picked out, be sure to cut it into large swatches that will cover the flower completely, and still leave enough room for you to stake it down.  As soon as you get the stakes down, your flower bed should be good to ride out the winter, and will be ready to hit the ground running in the spring! For more great gardening Tips and Tricks, be sure to check back to our blog every Monday for our latest Tip of the Week!


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