The Time and Place for Flowers

Posted on December 28 2017

The Time and Place for Flowers
Flowers—everyone loves them, but they are not appropriate to give everywhere.  Like most things, there are times and places where flowers should be given, and other places where they should not.  Since this is known as a very tricky subject, join us today, as we highlight some of the places where it is appropriate (and inappropriate) to give flowers to someone!  Appropriate:  
  • To someone’s home:  Sending flowers to someone’s home—whether it be for a congratulatory or romantic occasion, is always appropriate.  Just be sure to include a card with these, as you may be giving an unintended message with them.  For example, a congratulatory arrangement to a co-worker could be seen as a romantic remark.
  • As a hostess’ gift:  Thinking about bringing something to a party, but not quite sure what to bring?  Flowers are often a go-to in this scenario, as every home could use a little bit of extra color to brighten it up.  For this, try to stick to generic flowers and arrangements, nothing too fancy.
  • Meeting a significant other’s parents:  This one may be a little bit trickier than the rest, but it is important nonetheless.  If you’re looking to make a nice gesture when you meet the parents of your significant other, bring them an arrangement of flowers.  Keep it simple, and we guarantee that they will absolutely love it.
  • First Date:  This is a very tricky one, but it is advised to not give flowers on the first date.  If you have known the person for a while, or you know that they love flowers, then it may be a good move.  Otherwise, stay away.
  • Farewell gift:  Whether it be a co-worker, a boss, or someone else, giving flowers as a farewell gift can be passed up.  Instead, try to gift something that will last longer, like bamboo or another sturdy plant.  This is serve as a lasting reminder, and won’t give off an unintended message.
  Proper flower etiquette can be a little tricky, but we are here to help clear it up.  Stick to these guidelines when it comes to gifting flowers, and you’ll be good in the end. For more advice or to see what kind of arrangements you can give, come on in to any one of our locations throughout South Jersey!  


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