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The Story of the Boutonniere

Posted on August 23 2017

The Story of the Boutonniere
From weddings to proms and all formal occasions in between, the boutonniere is a staple of men’s formal wear.  But how did this little flower get its place on a lapel, and what’s the correct way to wear one?  Join us today, as we answer those questions and more about the boutonniere! Boutonnieres have been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until recent that they secured their place on the lapel of a suit.  From the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Egyptians to the more modern English, men have been wearing flowers for centuries.  In the more ancient civilizations, they were used to supports players on the field during sporting events, much like the jerseys we wear today.  In England, they had a more important function: determining who was fighting on which side of the Medieval skirmish, since clothes of peasants looked extremely similar no matter where you went. It was not until the Victorian times when the boutonniere really took off as a staple of men’s formal wear.  Men would put it through the buttonhole of their lapel so only the bloom is showing, which is still a practice today, just not as much as it was; high-quality suits have a working buttonhole (like the days of old) to accommodate it.  However, most people today will pin it to their jacket (it’s easier).  No matter how you do it, it is imperative that the boutonniere goes on the left side of the jacket (so when looking at it from afar, it appears on the right side).  Now, there is some common etiquette that goes along with wearing a boutonniere.  For example, at weddings, the groom should always have a different flower for his boutonniere than the rest of the groomsmen and men in attendance (some will match it to the main flowers in the bride’s bouquet, but it is not required).  Also, the boutonniere is an accessory that needs to be worn with confidence.  You are not required to wear it at anything else besides a formal event, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t.  Boutonnieres are a symbol of style and status that can be worn at any time, but just be sure to wear it with pride and confidence wherever you choose to do so. Common flowers for the boutonniere include carnations and roses, but you can choose anything that would go with the color scheme of the suit and the occasion.  Luckily enough, the crew at the Garden of Eden Flower Shop know what would work best in many occasions, so stop in the next time you’re in need of a boutonniere to find the perfect one for you. Now go out, and wear those flowers with confidence!


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