The Prom is like the Olympics of High School...

The Prom is like the Olympics of High School...

Nicholas Braun’s character, from the movie “Prom”, says, "The prom is like the Olympics of high school. You wait four years, three people have a good time and everybody else gets to live on with shattered dreams.” For some, this may be true; but for others, prom is a night never to be forgotten! While it may not always live up to the fantasy, Prom is a special night, a rite of passage some may say. A tradition that varies from school to school, but none the less magical. For seniors, it is the last big event before graduation, one last night to really bond with their friends. Adora Svitak said, “Prom has all the elements of a popular story. It reeks of all-Americanness, tension, drama. It has romance. Pretty dresses. Dancing. Limos. High school. Coming of age.” Proms are a lot more elaborate these days than they used to be, with all the elements to create a magical, unforgettable night. First comes the big ask. Known as the promposal, the male or female has to “propose” to the date of their choice. These are generally over the top and people try to one up each other. No one wants to be rejected if the promposal isn’t full of pomp and circumstance! It is wise to research some ideas that best suits you and your dates styles. Don’t be fooled, while the prom itself may seem far off, the night creeps up quickly. Once the stress of securing a date is finally over, the planning for this magical night can begin. Not that the girls haven’t been planning for this night for years and expecting it to be a night to never forget. The next step if to consider your transportation. Do you rent a limo, do you drive yourself, do you go with a friend, or, the always dreaded option…. do your parents drive you? Of course, in no way, shape, or form is prom ever a stress-free occasion, for the girls at least. Said best by Rachel on Glee, “Next to my wedding, my prom dress will be the most important gown I ever wear.” The dress, the hair, the makeup, the shoes, the purse, the date; each element is more important than the next. When it comes to the boys, their worries are very little compared to the girls. Their mom takes them to get the tux and shoes. Some don’t care all too much what it looks like because they know they will be uncomfortable no matter what. But other guys must have their vest or cummberbund to match their date’s dress! The guys is also responsible for flowers for his date. Chances are this information is then passed on to a parent on and they do the actual purchasing of the corsage or nosegay. The one thing that the guy may have to do themselves is get their hair cut but even then, as long as their hair looks presentable, they may not care too much. Next, one must contemplate where photos should be taken. These photos will represent fond memories of high school, so it is necessary to choose wisely. Make sure both you and your dates friends are included in the photos. It is important to document the momentous occasion with the people you care about most. Of course, the last big issue to worry about or look forward to, depending on whether you are asking the student or the parent, is the after-prom festivities. Sometimes, what you do after can be more stressful or fun than the prom itself. For some schools there are certain traditions that are followed, such as going to the beach or the mountains or just heading out for some late-night grub. If none of these options suit you, start your own traditions! Whether it’s a girls or guys night, or you and your date go to a party, be sure you, your date, and all parents are comfortable. Prom can be a romantic evening, but it can also be just as fun with a friend or friends, as it can be with a significant other. Don’t feel discouraged when you see couples dancing to a slow song. Make your own fun and enjoy your night because as Elizabeth Eulberg said, “Nobody wants to give up a weekend-long excuse to dress up and attempt to outshine one another!”




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