The Color of Love

The Color of Love

A rose by any other word might smell as sweet, but what about a rose of a different color?

Red roses have been an undeniable symbol of Valentine’s Day for decades.  Symbolizing love, it’s no wonder February 14th is the red rose’s time to shine!  But what about the other, equally beautiful rose colors available on the market today?

Using our color meaning chart, you can unlock the language of flowers and send the perfect message this Valentine’s Day!

Red: Love, Passion, Desire

White: Eternal Loyalty, Everlasting Love, Innocence

Pink: Grace, Admiration, Sweetness

Dark Pink: Gratitude, Appreciation (the darker the shade, the deeper the appreciation)

Lavender: Love at First Sight, Enchantment

Yellow: Joy, Friendship, Remembrance

Yellow with Red tips: Falling in Love

Peach: Let’s Get Together, Sincerity

Orange: Desire, Enthusiasm, Fascination

Black: Change, New Beginnings, Power

Blue: Mystery, Affection, Unattained Love

Green: Stability, Abundance, Peace

Burgundy: Deep Passion, Devotion

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