The Blissful Meaning Behind the Cherry Blossom Wedding Flower

The Blissful Meaning Behind the Cherry Blossom Wedding Flower


Cherry Blossoms are a flower species that have been widely incorporated, cherished and celebrated in all regions of the world. While the cherry blossom is Japan’s national flower, it’s global popularity and acceptance continues to increase as we speak. This is especially true when it comes to wedding ceremonies. And just in case you happen to be wondering why we’ve got some fabulously interesting information for you. From the hidden meanings behind this floral beauty to the magnificent ways of being incorporated at weddings, we’re covering it all. So let’s take a look!


A little history behind the cherry blossoms beautiful existence into the world

Cherry blossoms have been indigenous to the Asian region. It was the year 1912 when Japan gifted the U.S. with cherry blossom trees. And since then, there’s no stopping the intrigue and amazement surrounding these flowers. Cherry blossoms can be used in a number of unique and innovative ways, each inspiring poets to write or sing about their treasured beauty.

A closer look at the hidden meaning behind cherry blossoms

While its popularity has no end, not too many individuals are familiar with the hidden meanings behind cherry blossoms. And it is surprising to note that these flowers possess different meanings in both the Japanese and Chinese cultures. In Japan, cherry blossoms have been interpreted as a transient of life. This has to do with its fragile design and short span blooming period. The flower is also known to provide fundamental lessons of Buddha, harboring a number of spiritual benefits. In China, the flower represents power, especially female dominance. It points out female beauty and sexuality. It can also be viewed as the herb of love, also commonly be given as a symbol of life to those that mean most. Others think of the flower as a representation of hope and humanity.

Top 5 inspiring ways to use cherry blossoms at your wedding

Place escort cards brilliantly in a seamlessly designed cherry blossom holder display Traditional escort cards are getting a glorious floral revamping like never before seen. We’re talking magical cherry blossom themed holder displays that include leafy branches inserted into a vase with map pins. And for the blossoms, we recommend fresh but since they don’t last long, blossom shaped confetti for the win would equally do justice. Exhibit a cherry blossom bridal bouquet made of dreams Add a special touch of dimension to your floral bouquet this season with petite cherry blossoms, amalgamated with stunning large peonies and ranunculus. Don’t forget to incorporate some medium sweet peas for a truly stellar combination, sure to take everyone’s breath away. Give your table setting a gorgeous world of its own with stunning cherry blossom themed centerpieces A wedding tablescape should resound of soft and sweet elegance. And that’s exactly what these alluring centerpieces comprising of cherry blossoms and adorned with beautiful organza has in store. Place the centerpieces over a bed of luscious pink silk tablecloth and blossom inspired confetti for the win. Allow guests to cherish your tiered wedding cake with edible blossoms What could possibly be better than a sweet tiered wedding cake to kick start your reception? Well if you ask us, we believe a cake adorned with edible blossoms is sure to go well on the palate and eyes too. Go strong with your cherry blossom wedding theme by incorporating refreshing pink drinks Live up your cherry blossom theme to the fullest by serving cherry blossom bliss at the bar. From rhubarb infused martinis to rose champagne and classic Arnold Palmer drinks with a hint of cherry blossom tea, the options to choose from are endless. Don’t forget to top them off with beautiful pink blossom shaped ice cubes.
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