The Beauty of Summer Wedding Flowers

The Beauty of Summer Wedding Flowers


The months beginning from June and ending in August may be the hottest when it comes to weather, but boy are they some of the busiest in terms of the wedding season. No summer wedding is complete without its fair share of alluring décor. And that means saying hello to fresh summer seasonal picks. Yes, you heard that, right! Whether it’s holy matrimony set amidst a dreamy beach landscape or a sunny destination wedding fiesta, summer weddings are going intense with summer flowers bouquet for days. From luscious lavenders to magnificent peonies and chrysanthemums too, there are a plethora of ways on how you can nail your wedding’s vision using the most stunning summer floral components. And to help make sure you’ve got the right inspiration for your big day ahead, we’re jotting some fabulous expert ideas just for you.


Design fabulously appealing summer wedding flower bouquets the right way

Every bride deserves to appear and feel her absolute best. And with all eyes on the bride, there’s no reason why her summer flower bouquet should go unnoticed. It’s time to consult your favorite professional florists and get those summer bouquets done right using these helpful tips. Here’s your list of summer wedding flowers on the go.



Hands down daisies get brownie points for their versatility and simplicity. These summer wedding blooms are an instant attraction of vibrant and vigorous vibes, giving you and your guests the lift they need to see at your wedding venue.



Not only do these blooms appear like summertime, but they also possess the capability of withstanding the immense summer heat with sheer ease. Orchids are tropical blooms that arise in regions of the equator, and that means temperature and humidity won’t stand them down. Roses Roses are loved by all, and summer weddings are no exception. These flowers can thrive in the most humid and hot conditions, handling warm temperatures with absolute grace and sheer dignity.



Just because these flowers grow all year around doesn’t mean they can’t be utilized in the summertime too. Succulents can put any other bouquet to shame with its striking appeal and ability to become unphased even in the most extreme conditions.


Baby Breaths

A popular favorite for many brides during the wedding season is baby breath, and we can relate as to why. The sweet and stunning bloom gives bouquets a classically rustic and regal appeal, genuinely second to none.


Using stunning summer Blooms under a budget

Let’s face reality. Weddings don’t come cheap, and that means sticking to your budget is probably one of the most daunting tasks that couples and their wedding florists have to face. With that being said, getting the right combination of summer blooms under a budget isn’t impossible. You can incorporate a great many options to help give your wedding the oomph it needs.


Budget-friendly options to consider

From Larkspur and roses to stocks and cornflowers too, bringing your wedding vision to life with gorgeous summer blooms has never been easier than now. Did we mention the glorious appeal sunflowers, chrysanthemums and daises emit too? Truly the summer time is blessed with budget-friendly options that not only look the part but are an absolute delight to work with also. The key to wedding décor success is not only creating a design spread with budget-friendly options. It’s also about incorporating some rare finds such as zinnias, hydrangeas, orchids, and peonies. We’re not saying to use them all but choosing one luxury summer floral find and then surrounding it with other budget-friendly selections can work to create a seamlessly stunning wedding ambiance.
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