Teachers LOVE Flowers!!

Teachers LOVE Flowers!!

It’s August, and your kids will be heading back to school soon – and you’re probably thinking, “How can I welcome the new teacher into my kid’s life?”

Okay, if you’re not thinking that, you should!

So, do you go for something practical, like a teacher-themed mug with flowers arranged in it? That’s a nice idea, because once the arrangement is done, the teacher has a coffee mug to use for any purpose they’d like! The Garden of Eden has a nice selection of themed mugs to choose from, and we can create a stunning floral arrangement in one or pot a beautiful plant in it!

Speaking of plants, maybe the teacher would prefer something for their desk that they can enjoy year after year. That’s where plants come in! A teacher with a green thumb might like an easy-to-care-for plant such as a desk-sized ivy. Or a small succulent garden. A low-maintenance plant would be best since most teachers regularly have weekends away from their classrooms, hence regular watering would be hard. We here at The Garden of Eden can give you many suggestions, and we have in stock myriad species to choose from!

If you’re not sure of a teacher’s floral or plant preferences, why not pick a gift basket? Small or large, we can create any type of basket you have in mind. Whether it be a fruit and gourmet smorgasbord, a themed basket such as tea or spa, or a basket with snack goodies mixed with school supplies like pencils, highlighters, and paper pads – we can make it for you!

Your child’s teacher will appreciate your thoughtfulness and pave the way for a good rapport for the rest of the school year. For all their hard work, they deserve it! And let us here at The Garden of Eden create something special – call us today!
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