First Date Flowers

Posted on August 03 2016

First Date Flowers
So you've managed to score yourself a date, made reservations at a nice restaurant, and are leaving to pick her up in just a short while.  However, one uncertainty still lingers in your mind: flowers.  Do you give her flowers when you go to pick her up, do you send some the next day, or do you skip the flowers entirely?  For many people, this can be an agonizing question, and a question that adds in some headaches.  Well, agonize no longer, because we have your First Date Flower Etiquette 101 in today's blog! It takes no genius to figure out that girls like to receive flowers from a love interest--it shows chivalry, an attention to detail, and is just overall a sweet gesture.  Give the flowers too early, however, and it can definitely send the wrong message.  Where some girls will find it extremely thoughtful, others may think that it is a creepy and antiquated gesture.  So, in our expert opinion, the rule of thumb for giving flowers on the first date it to err on the side of caution; it is better that you hold off giving her flowers, than to give them and send the wrong message.  Now, if you know your date is a little old-fashion and honors traditions, then by all means give them, as they'll send the right message.  On the other hand, if you know her personality is more modern, then skip the flowers altogether. Now, sending flowers after the date is another subject in its entirety.  Flowers after the date can be a great move on your part, but so long as it is done in a simple, friendly way.  Spending upwards of $50 on a dozen red roses in a pristine glass vase is more likely to send off the wrong vibes than not, so be careful when picking them out.  As a general rule, you want to keep it simple, yet vibrant.  In addition, we recommend to stay away from red roses--stick to pink roses, sunflowers, or another flower entirely.  Be sure to attach a nice card, too.  You can either send this arrangement to her home, or give them to her in person the next time you two go out, but do not send them to her work.  Again, a move like this should be saved for somewhere down the relationship, and doing it too early can send off the wrong signals. Contrary to popular belief, proper flower etiquette can be a subject of much confusion.  Thankfully, the expert florists here at The Garden of Eden Flower Shop have you covered.  By either talking to any one of our trained florists or by checking our weekly blog, you can be sure that you'll be up to date with all of the floral customs and manners. Now, go out and sweep your date off her feet!


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