Sunflower Ideas for your Wedding Day

Posted on August 08 2018

Sunflower Ideas for your Wedding Day
The sunflower represents faith, happiness, hope, unity, and commemoration making it a fitting choice for your wedding day flower. Not only are they cost efficient, minimal amounts are needed due to the fact that sunflowers are such large blooms. They are solid flowers that can withstand a day’s event while continually making a statement. Sunflowers have a cheery, summer attitude and are a favorite for summer weddings. They grow throughout summer and into mid-fall, perfect wedding season. The key with sunflowers is not going overboard with the amount you chose to incorporate. Consider the nontraditional sunflower that offers a yellow-green center if the traditional brown is too dark for your taste. The bright yellow color contrast traditional dark colors such as navy, maroon, and black creating a stunning pop. While a whole bouquet of sunflowers may be too overwhelming for your taste, consider mixing whites or neutral colored flowers. The sunflower is still the center of attention, but it isn’t too much. If you want the sunflowers to be emphasized but not overwhelming, choose to mix flowers of similar shades in your bouquet. To create a more muted and subdued style, mix grey colors with the use of succulents into your arrangement. If you have a large bridal party or just have a tight budget, giving your girls a single sunflower can be a nice option. Add a little baby’s-breath or some greens to create a larger looking arrangement. Sunflowers are a more rustic looking flower so play them up or down to create a simple elegance or vintage vibe. Adding sunflowers not only in your arrangements and centerpieces but also to other elements of your wedding can be a sweet surprise. Many brides will opt to have sugar sunflowers created and placed on their cakes, a beautiful and delicious treat! Wedding favors can sometimes be hard to pick but if sunflowers are your thing, opt to get seed packets and give them to your guests. They got to watch your love grow and now they can give a plant some love of their own that will remind them of your day. A fun and new trend for sunflowers is hanging pomanders. Having the balls of sunflowers placed around your venue is a nice way to brighten up the space with pops of color; they look exceptional in a rustic barn setting. Try making a sunflower boutonniere; it looks dashing on a light summer suit. Add a touch of greenery to pull the look together and emphasize the flower. The great thing about sunflowers is their versatility and their bright beauty. Bold and cool, they ensure an amazing touch to your wedding. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with the amount that you use but also embrace the simplistic touch that sunflowers give. Choose large or small blooms, accessorize how you please, and enjoy the sunny and cheery vibes you will receive all day with these flowers at your wedding!


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