Summer Wedding Flower Trends 2019

Summer Wedding Flower Trends 2019


Many people choose to get married in the summer seasons -and for plenty of good reasons. Most people have their schedules a bit open during this time of the year and the gorgeous weather at this time is one other reason that makes summer weddings even more beautiful.

Beyond these, the summer season also has some of the most gorgeous and beautiful flowers in full bloom. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a summer wedding, you’ve got a whole lot on your hands. Here are some popular summer wedding flowers trends 2019 to make your big day colorful and memorable. Extravagant wedding flowers that make a statement must-haves Right here is our list of some of the best 2019 summer wedding flowers to incorporate into your wedding flowers planning and design.

1. Peonies

2. Calla lilies

3. Chrysanthemums

4. Anemones

5. Lavender

6. Freesia

7. Spider Chrysanthemums

8. Roses

9. Asters

10. Iris

11. Cymbidium orchids

12. Celosia

13. Geraniums

14. Cattail

15. Hydrangeas

16. Coxcomb

17. Dahlias

18. Daisies

19. Cosmos

20. Delphinium

21. Cornflower

22. Gomphrena

23. Lace cap hydrangeas

24. Larkspur

25. Viburnums

26. Monkshood

27. Phalaenopsis orchids

28. Shasta daisies

29. Stock Sunflower

30. Zinnias


2019 Summer Wedding Flower Design Trends

Orchids are everything you’ll want in a summer flower. Along with their gorgeous and beautiful appearance, they can still withstand the extremes of summer. People also like roses taking a center stage in their summer weddings. These beautiful and lovely flowers can also withstand heat and humidity so it can stay beautiful till the last moments. Daisies in their beautiful, peppy, and bright colors are also one of the most popular 2019 summer wedding flower trends 2019. They‘ll make beautiful wedding bouquets and will blend perfectly with most other flowers.  


A professional florist offers much more value

It’s one thing to have knowledge of the best summer wedding flowers but then, this is far beyond what you or a family member can just piece together. You’ll still need a professional florist to guarantee that your floral arrangements look as appealing and befitting as possible. Many people who chose to go the DIY route often end up not liking the outcome or spending additional costs in getting a flower expert to correct initial errors. 40. From helping you choose colors that blend well with your wedding theme, to choosing high-quality flowers for your bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and overall floral arrangements, a florist brings a lot of value to the table to make sure you can have the most beautiful summer wedding of your dreams. If you’ve been dreaming of a gorgeous summer wedding in 2019, I can leverage my professionalism and robust experience to make your big day come alive with beautiful and vibrant colors. Contact me today so we can discuss your options.
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