So Why Do We Give Chocolates?

Posted on May 18 2016

So Why Do We Give Chocolates?
Giving chocolate to someone has always been seen as a sweet gesture, especially if that person is a love interest or someone who you care about deeply.  Being a chocolate and flower shop, we specialize in helping you pick out the best chocolates for your special someone, no matter the reasoning, but how did this tradition of giving chocolate come to pass? To answer this age-old question, we have to travel back to the time of the Aztecs.  In the Aztec society, chocolate was widely regarded as a "food of the gods", and revered in the highest fashion.  When Christopher Columbus journeyed over to the New World, he sampled some of this chocolate from the Indians on Hispaniola, and fell in love.  To show Queen Isabella his appreciation for arranging the journey, Columbus brought back chocolate, along with gold, for her. Since the time of Columbus, chocolate has been considered a token of admiration, rooted in the fact that he brought back the "food of the gods" for the Queen.  Thanks to modern engineering, chocolate making became much easier and easily accessible to common folk, but the tradition of giving chocolate still holds true. To show your special someone the admiration you have for them, or to show them how you feel, give us a call and let us set up a chocolate arrangement for you.  Just tell us what you think you need, or tell us about the person, and we'll whip you up a personalized collection in no time.  So what are you waiting for--share the "food of the gods" with someone today!


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