The Secret to Making Cut Flowers Last

Posted on August 02 2017

The Secret to Making Cut Flowers Last
So, you’ve just been on the receiving end of a beautiful arrangement of flowers by someone very important to you, and you proudly put them on display.  In a few short days, however, these flowers wilt, and their magic is lost, even though you watered them regularly.  Well, what happened?  Today, join us, as we explain to you how that happened, and how you can make your cut flowers last a whole lot longer! When fresh cut flowers mysteriously wilt over the next few days—a lot faster than what you anticipated, two culprits are usually to blame: stale water, and not cutting the stems.  After a flower is cut, the stems will attempt to close themselves up to prevent bacteria from getting to the bloom, but in doing so, it will make watering a whole lot more difficult.  In addition, the higher presence of bacteria in the water will cause the stems to close at a faster rate.  No water, no good life expectancy for the flower—simple as that.   So, by switching out the water every other day, and by cutting the stems of the flower on a diagonal can help give you a normal expectancy of life for your new blooms, but there are several other things you can do to exceed that outlook.  Here are some of our favorites: Flower Food: No matter what you want to call it, putting that little packet of “flower food” that we give you is a great way to insure that your flowers will last a full week.  In that packet are several different nutrients vital for the flower’s health, which, as would be expected, will help the flower be at its best. Trim and Skim Since bacteria is the main cause of your flowers spoiling early, taking the proactive course of action and cutting off any decaying or slimy petals can greatly increase the fullness of the flower.  Likewise, if you notice any petals floating in the water, skim them out and change the water ASAP; bacteria on the petal can get into the water, possibly leading to infection. Pull the Shades When bringing flowers home, you may think that the best place to put them is right in the sun.  While this is great for getting the color to really pop, it will exacerbate the rate of decay.  Instead, put them in a well-lit, but out-of-direct-sunlight spot.  Bonus points if that room is cool. Flowers are a beautiful gift—no question—and by adhering to these tips, you can make sure that their beauty will last. For more flower tips, check out the other articles in our blog, or stop on in one of our stores today!  


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