Rose Gold Wedding Centerpieces

Posted on November 02 2018

Rose Gold Wedding Centerpieces
Rose gold is the trending color for wedding decorations and it does not look like going away anytime soon. From the tabletops to the walls of the wedding venue, rose gold adds a mesmerizing air of romance to any wedding. One can alternate the two colors to add visual attractiveness to a wedding making it more elegant. How you can play with this sophisticated color as your wedding centerpiece? A rose gold accessory can be a component of your bridesmaid’s attire. You may opt against donning a rose gold wedding gown but it is a great choice for your bridesmaid; mainly to make a bold statement. It can be used to accentuate the jewelry and the men's accessories. Rose gold pieces of jewelry from the necklace to the hair bracelet can bring out the sparkle in them and make the wedding appear grand. A rose gold hairpiece or belt can be used to generate sequined beauty. On the table, gold rose centerpiece, with the other sequin details can be brought together, to its full glare, using white Florala. A floral runner can be created around the table using flower vases of different heights. This makes the tablet around the venue unified and beautiful. Rose gold espresso cups can be used around the table. A sparkly tablecloth dressed with sequins makes a significant and great match to bring out the beauty of other rose gold details. Rose gold chairs and cutlery should be strategically and conspicuously arranged around the table. A remarkable centerpiece that can be used on the table is rose gold painted tins. This creates a fantastic and rich looking background. If you are having a sequin detail, somewhere else within the venue, a rose gold painted candle holder or mason jars creates a striking balance. Among the white cakes, a rose gold champagne and glitter rimmed glass bring about a rustic, classic and glamorous look to the occasion. As you may not find flowers in rose gold colors, you can use a different flower color such as pink to accentuate the color shade. This natural color complements the glamorous color taking the scenery look to another level. Rose gold is an elegant, beautiful and warm color to spruce up a wedding event. These tips above can enable you to make the most out of this color in making a wedding ceremony a grand occasion.


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