The Right Vase For the Job

Posted on October 04 2017

The Right Vase For the Job
Just like flowers, there are so many different kinds of vases out there, that it’s pretty hard to keep count.  However, just as there is a right flower for the thing you want to say, there is a right vase for the presentation you want.  Please join us today, as we decode the confusing world of vases, and help tell you when you should use each one! In this article, we are going to focus more on the shape of the vase, and not on color or decoration.  In our opinion, the shape is more of a factor than the color, although we will cover the color in a later article (check back to our blog each week to make sure that you don’t miss it!). So, without further adieu, let’s get going! Tall Cylinder The tall cylinder is one of the more common and traditional shapes out there, and consequently works well with many flowers.  This vase is designed for long-stem flowers such as the rose, but can also accommodate large-bloom flowers like the sunflower.  No matter the type, this vase will do its best to make them appear neat and orderly. Fishbowl Fishbowl vases are more of a new and upcoming way to show off of your flowers.  These vases really enunciate the bloom of the flower, and works great for brightly colored blooms.  With this type, more blooms are better, since you want it to appear as though the bowl is brimming with flowers.  Regardless, the golden rule here is to cut your stems to a little above the height of the bowl. Square Another more modern-esque of displaying flowers, a square vase will certainly set your arrangement apart from the regular cylinder ones.  To pull this one off, tropical flowers work best, or fill the bottom of the vase with pebbles to generate an elegant effect.  One neat thing about this vase is that it works great with single-stem flowers, so this one may be your go-to for those situations.  You can find square vases in both tall and small cube variety, and the key is to keep it simple—especially with the small one.  If you opt to go with a short cube, pick delicate flowers and pack them tight. Regardless of the shape, the vase just wouldn’t be the same without fresh flowers from the Garden of Eden Flower Shop!  Come on in today and sample our collection of flowers! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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