A Quick Guide to Poinsettias

Posted on November 30 2016

A Quick Guide to Poinsettias
With the festive season coming into full swing, you can expect poinsettias to pop up almost everywhere, and for many stores to offer an incredible deal on these fun flowers.  However, what lies beyond the price tag is that poinsettias need to be cared for in a certain way in order for them to make it all the way to the holidays and beyond, but luckily this way is pretty simple.  Join us today as we give you a quick and easy guide for properly caring for your poinsettias! One of the things that must be noted when talking about poinsettias is that they are a tropical plant.  This being said, sunlight is extremely important to these delicate flowers, and will wither in just a short while without it.  When bringing these plants home, be sure to put them in a windowsill that has a lot of direct sunlight; preferably in a window that faces south, east, or west to ensure that they get the most amount of sunlight possible.  In addition, since they are a tropical plant, try to keep them away from doors and drafts, and the cold will do them no good. Next comes the question of watering: when should you water, and how much?  The answer is actually quite simple: only water when the soil on top feels dry to the touch, and water until it drains out of the bottom.  Do not let these flowers sit in water.  A general rule with poinsettias is that it is much better to water less than to over-water. Finally, do your best to maintain a constant temperature in your home.  A temperature range of 65-75 degrees should be perfectly fine for these flowers, but anything less may cause some minor wilting and drooping leaves.  If this happens, don't be alarmed, as a few days at a constant temperature and regular watering will prop these leaves right back up. Poinsettias are no doubt wonderful flowers for the holiday season, but like the season itself, you cannot treat them as if they are like any other.  By sticking to this guide, we can guarantee you that your poinsettias will look great up until the holidays, and even beyond. To score your own poinsettias, or to get some more tips about taking care of one, feel free to stop into any one of our locations in South Jersey!


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