Puppy Love Flowers

Posted on July 27 2017

Puppy Love Flowers
Ok all you moms with sons out there, we’re sure that you’ve been here:  Son goes out, finds a girl that he really likes, and wants to get her flowers as a gesture of his affection.  You run over to the store to help him pick out an arrangement, but are overwhelmed by the choices.  What flowers say too much, and what flowers say to little?  Sure, it’s a tough question, but today we’re breaking it down into pieces you can handle.  Keep reading to learn our choice of flowers for the puppy lovers! In the language of flowers, the choice of the flower means everything, but the color can further expunge upon that meaning, sending a different message entirely.  For example, the rose is the flower of love, but so long as the rose is yellow, it stands as a symbol of friendship, not of love.  So, as you look over this list, remember that both the type and the color are important for sending the right message. Pink Rose The pink rose is a great way for your teenaged son to show a girl that he really likes her, but steers clear of the dreaded four-letter word that these boys want to avoid, “love.”  A pink rose sends off signs of affection, and the lighter the shade of pink the more playful the affection is perceived.  If he has been dating her for a while, then a dark pink rose could be the best choice to show his feelings, without being too committal. Sunflower Oh, who doesn’t love a sunflower?  Radiating feelings sunshine and happiness, your son can say that these flower are the embodiment of his girlfriend.  Perfect for all ages, the sunflower is the perfect way to tell a girl that she is cared for, without being overbearing.  Lighthearted and fun are the traits you really want to focus in on. Pink Alstroemeria A perfect choice for early in the relationship, the alstroemeria symbolizes the connection between two people, and a potential romance that can bloom because of it.  Stick with the lighter colors here, especially pink, because they really highlight the “potential romance” side of the meaning.  All of that aside, these flowers are extremely beautiful, and will absolutely take her breath away. Choosing the right flower to send the right message can be extremely challenging, but luckily enough, the staff here at the Garden of Eden Flower Shop are fluent in the language of flowers.  Just give us a call or stop on in, tell us what is going on, and we can come up with a customized arrangement to suit your needs in no time. Come in today to see what we can do for you!


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