Prom jewelry

Prom jewelry

Most people think of prom flowers in terms of
boutonnieres, corsages, or handtied bouquets. But the more
adventurous among us choose to use flowers anywhere – as pocket
squares, earrings, necklaces, shoe clips, anklets, and waist corsages.
Floral designers welcome the opportunity to utilize flowers in any way
they can, and the sky’s the limit to what a customer may choose!

A pair of earring backs with a small orchid and tiny greenery on each,
coordinating with a pendant of matching orchids is a lovely way to
incorporate floral in a unique fashion into your prom ensemble. If
you’re wearing a high-cut gown, a clip-on corsage at the high point of
the cut accents the gown in a subtle but unexpected way. A short dress
benefits by floral clips to top off each shoe, paired with a floral anklet
or two!

Let’s not forget the gentlemen! A square of waxed board with clusters
of flowers in a line along the top can slide into the breast pocket,
creating a trendy focal where normally a pocket handkerchief would
peek. Decorative magnetic metal plaques hold tiny berries, succulents,
or flowers and give a fashionable perk to a lapel. And who says flowers
are required for a boutonniere? Decorative reeds, leaves, and seed
pods are a smart, masculine choice!
So when prom season is upon you, hop on Google or Pinterest and
expand your special night’s floral vision and see the possibilities! We’d
love to help you achieve it!

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