Popular Spring Blooms

Posted on April 19 2017

Popular Spring Blooms
It’s a wonderful time of year right now in our region, and the flowers all around agree.  With strong blooms abundant, there is no wonder as to why many consider the spring to be a wonderful time of year.  Alongside the wonderful time of year, we’ve put together a list of the most popular spring blooms that are sure amaze whoever sees them.  Enjoy! Tulip Can it really be spring without the mention of the tulip?  This beautiful flowers is commonly seen as the harbinger of the spring season—what isn’t welcoming about their vibrant color and sweet smell?  Perfect for any occasion, and filled with symbolism (which you can learn about in one of our previous editions of Feature Flower Friday) the tulip sure lands on our list of most popular spring blooms.  If you are a tulip connoisseur, make a point to look up the tulip fields in the Netherlands—we promise you won’t be disappointed! Lilac   Another common symbol of the spring, the lilac is a beautiful flower that is sure to make any arrangement or centerpiece pop out with sheer delight.  This little guy represents strength and resiliency, much like all of us through the very weird and fluctuating winter that we just had.  Sweet smelling and hardy, the lilac is just the flower you need to accent your room with hints of spring and good times.   Daffodil Like the previous two on this list, the daffodil flower is one that just speaks volumes to the spirit of spring, as its meaning is one of rebirth and renewal.  The daffodil is a classic flower in its own right, but especially one for the spring season.  Stemming from the story of Narcissus, daffodils have had a long history of being associated with beauty, and can spread that history with you in your next arrangement. This time is a great time of year, and the flowers all around tend to agree.  These flowers and more can capture the emotions of spring, and so we invite you to join us in any one of our locations in South Jersey to see their wonderful blooms!


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