Planting Pest Defense

Posted on June 21 2017

Planting Pest Defense
Oh pests, the bane of the gardener’s existence.  One day, your flowers are looking absolutely beautiful, and then the next, they are terrorized by a pack of snails.  Sure, it may be frustrating, but there are things you can do to counter this—and no, we’re not talking about harmful pesticides.  There’s a plethora of plants out there that can help keep your garden pest-free, and we’re going to go over them today in our blog! First and foremost, before we begin our expedition into all the plants that can help your garden, we must mention that these will not deter all pests.  In fact, it will attract some, but only the beneficial ones.  For example, some would consider the ladybug a pest, but they are considered the best friend to a gardener, as they love nothing more than to chow down on some aphids.  The plants that we will discuss will do their due diligence to keep out the bad pests, and the good pests that they attract will clean up the rest for you. So, what are the best plants to keep out the pests?  The answer is hidden in your spice cabinet—herbs!  Simple kitchen ingredients such as rosemary, thyme, and basil will help to deter beetles, flies, and aphids, while drawing in good bugs—like the ladybug—with their captivating scent.  Now, while many herbs will work, the list of plants-that-keep-pests-out does not exhaust at this group.  Instead, several different kinds of flowers, like the marigold, calendula (pot marigold), and geranium will attract other predatory critters, like wasps, to defend your garden.  These flowers, like their herbal friends, will also help to deter Japanese beetles and aphids with their natural scent. This list is just a sampling of all the plants you can choose from to help defend your garden, and all will not be a burden on your already-flourishing project.  The herbs can be used to make an organic and delicious meal, while the different variety of flowers will help to make your garden pop even more.  Now, you can look out at your accomplishment in pride, knowing that pests pose less of a threat, all the while keeping it clean from harmful chemicals and pesticides.   Of course, should you need any help or tips about your garden, or the plants in it, know that you can always turn to the Garden of Eden Flower Shop for help.  Just come on in and have a chat—we would love to assist! See you soon at a Garden of Eden shop near you!


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