Picking Out Flowers: The Easy Way

Posted on October 18 2017

Picking Out Flowers: The Easy Way
It is no surprise that not everyone is well-versed in the language of flowers—it’s hard!   On top of that, knowing what flower to pick out for a person can be even more complicated, along with the age-old girl-buys-flowers-for-a-guy debate.  Well, we’ve decided that it’s time to simplify all of this, and give you a flower-picking guide to take with you wherever you go.  So, keep reading on to see how you can make your floral experience a walk in the park! A big thing to keep in mind for many people is that you do not need a reason to give flowers.  In fact, being spontaneous with them is arguable one of the sweetest things you can do for a person, because it shows them that you think about them throughout the normal day—not just on special ones.  Another big note is that you do not need to overlook anyone when picking out flowers (we’re sure that your sister or friend will enjoy them along with your sweetheart). Now, let’s get down to brass tacks: picking them out.  When looking at the wide array of fresh flowers the shop has to offer, start to think of what you want to say—and if this part is a little difficult your Garden of Eden florist will be more than willing to help you out.  Do you want to make a bright statement of affection, or just something that says “thank you.”  Since both of these translate into vastly different arrangements, have a rough idea when you walk in the shop and go from there.  The big thing to take home here is the notion that it is okay to talk to your florist, as they are there to help you.  What you don’t want is to pick out the flowers on your own without knowing their meaning, as they can be received by the person in a way that you did not want them to receive the message. Another quick tip is to keep in mind what flowers are in what season when, since they are more easy to come by (meaning more money you save).  If you do not know, ask your florist, and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction. Now, let’s address this topic of girls buying flowers for guys.  Ladies, it if absolutely okay to buy flowers for your man, as they are not an outright symbol of femininity—they are just a sign that you care.  If you think that your guy would appreciate such a gesture, then by all means go for it!  Just as our florists can help the guys, we can also help the girls pick out the right arrangement for the guy in their life, all the while making sure that it won’t come off as too “girly.” So, what do you say?  Are you ready to put all of these skills into practice, and bring a smile to someone’s face?  We certainly think that you are.   Stop into any Garden of Eden shop today to see what we can do for you!


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