Pet-Friendly Flowers

Posted on March 15 2017

Pet-Friendly Flowers
Flowers in the home should be enjoyed by everyone, even pets!  Many of us consider our pets to be a part of our family, but rarely consult them when we go out to get flowers.  Believe it or not, there are many flowers out there that can pose as a hazard to your pet, and some of them are extremely common flowers.  Join us today, as we touch on some of the flowers that you should stay away from, and others that your pets will enjoy! In the floral world, there are many flowers that are just as toxic to cats as they are to dogs.  Some examples of these include the tulip, amaryllis, aloe, hydrangea, and the chrysanthemum.  These plants are cardiotoxic to your pets, meaning that by them ingesting the plants, they are at a great risk for heart complications, some that may require immediate veterinary attention.  Should your pet exhibit symptoms like a racing pulse, vomiting, rapid breathing, or cold extremities, take them to a pet hospital right away for help.  Bring a sample of the plant with you, and so long as you get there relatively soon, you and your pet should be just fine. We must point out, however, that just because they are in your home does not mean that they are an absolute threat to your pets, so long as you handle them with care.  For example, put these flowers somewhere where you know your pet will not reach them, like high up on a shelf or completely covered in a vase.  For dogs, this should do the trick, but if you have a cat who likes to go on adventures all along the counter, then perhaps you should make sure that only non-toxic houseplants line the counters in your home.   Some of the non-toxic plants out there are some of the most beautiful, like the marigold, rose, jasmine, and orchid flower.  By choosing to have only these types of flowers in your home, you are choosing to have a safe environment for your pets, all the while enjoying the beauty that these flowers add to your home! Picking out flowers is a wonderful time, but the next time you do, try to keep your pets in mind.  By doing this simple task, you can rest easy knowing that your favorite furry friends will be safe, while enjoying the beautiful sights that your new flowers give. For more flower advice to to pick out your own arrangement, stop into any one of our various locations today!


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