Parrying Wild Parsnip

Posted on July 13 2016

Parrying Wild Parsnip
From the experienced florist to the common folk out there, we all know that there are dangerous and harmful plants out in the wild.  Poison ivy and poison oak are just some of the common household names,  but there is another poisonous plant that is invading our region this year: the wild parsnip. The wild parsnip is causing quite a headache for many officials and leaders, as this invasive species is essentially taking over our region by storm.  Originally found in Eurasia, the wild parsnip has made its way into Pennsylvania, and is slowly creeping into New Jersey.  Since it is part of the parsnip family, it looks and smells just like carrots, parsley, or celery, but this type can grow up to 4 feet tall and has a yellow-green head. If touched without any protective gear, the wild parsnip will disrupt your skin's sensitivity, leaving it extremely susceptible to sunlight moments after touching.  This ultimately leads to a bad case of sunburn, with your skin becoming blistered and cracked.  A condition such as this makes an infection, and by extension, health complications, much more likely.  Should you come in contact with the wild parsnip, shower immediately, and stay inside for the next few hours. The best way to remove wild parsnip from your yard is to dig it up with a shovel, and be sure to wear gloves when you do it!  Contrary to popular belief, running over the parsnip with a lawnmower will do little good.  In fact, it will make the plant even more likely to spread to the corners of your yard.  Only by removing via shovel can you be assured that the wild parsnip will not spread. Poisonous plants are no fun, but with the right knowledge, you can better be able to prevent them from causing harm to you and your family.  For more information on the wild parsnip, check out this article by CBS news, or contact one of our florists; we'll happily be able to answer any of your questions. Stay safe this summer, Garden of Eden fans!


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