Out with The Old and In with The Bold!

Posted on August 27 2018

Out with The Old and In with The Bold!
Halfway through 2018 and the trends in weddings are constantly changing. More significantly we see the changes occur in the flower trends. Gone are the days of the traditional all white arrangements, brides are branching out and accepting the vibrant and exciting blooms that are in style. The new movement is about considering color before type. The first step to choosing what you are comfortable with is becoming inspired. Consider your theme, the color of your invitations, and bring any photos or swatches that are relevant to your wedding to your florist. Inspirational details will help your florist see what you are interested in and can help him or her suggest a bloom or color that you didn’t imagine would work for your day! When considering colors, you must consider the venue. Is your wedding indoor or outdoor, what colors does the venue already boast, how can you enhance them or how could what you choose detract from them? Are you having an outdoor gathering? Consider using greenery to enhance the vibrant blooms you select or even going all green, using different vines, mosses, succulents and more. Having a more upscale event? Choose something dramatic, maybe larger or taller blooms. What bride doesn’t want her wedding to be festive and fun?! While the multicolor trend for flowers is extremely popular now, it may not be for every bride. However, that doesn’t mean that your wedding can’t be vibrant; try creating an explosion of one bold color. Using more basic colors to enhance that one will create the same effect as a bride that chooses many bright colors but opts for a small amount of blooms. With bright colors, it is important to consider that less can be more but don’t hesitate to go over the top with your choices. For an added wow factor, choose unexpected blooms in daring colors. Florists often can manipulate the colors of flowers to become an option that you didn’t know you had, so ask what they can do for you! Extending your color palette is a very feasible goal so dream big. Whoever said bold had to mean bright didn’t know that 2018 would change that! For spring and summer weddings, bright colors of orange, yellow, and pink come to mind, however, if bright colors don’t match your theme, color ideas, season, or you just aren’t into vibrant blooms, that’s ok! There are many ways to create a dramatic floral arrangement with dark tones. For fall and winter weddings, choosing a deep and rich color or multiple colors to enhance with greenery can create the same bold effect as bright colors! Choosing violets, burgundy’s, and deep reds contrasted with greenery and grays will create that daring touch 2018 flowers beg for! While you may be a more traditional bride or a bride that wants something totally out of the box, we are obsessing over the bright, bold, and vibrant phase flowers are going through this season. The daring and eye-catching details and colors are designed to enhance your special day. Don’t be afraid to be bold and change it up, talk with your florist and help your beautiful vision come to life!


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