No-Frills Leaf Cleanup

Posted on October 05 2016

No-Frills Leaf Cleanup
Ah Autumn, one of the best times of the year, especially with the return of everything pumpkin-spiced and apple cider everywhere.  Everything is wonderful, cool, and crisp, and is easily the most Instagram-able time of year.  While falling leaves make for beautiful photo-ops, cleaning them up can be a nuisance to many homeowners.  However, there are some simple, no-frill ways to keeping your yard tidy this fall. One of the simplest and back-saving ways to clean up the leaves to just keep mowing your lawn.  Try to bag your leaves with a shredding or mulching lawn mower, but if you can't then chopping them down to the smallest possible size will be a great benefit to your lawn, as the grass will decompose them with no effort on your part. Another easy way to handle leaves is to rake them, but to rake them onto a tarp.  That way, it is easy to collect them when your are done for the day.  If you do choose to rake, however, be sure to take frequent breaks as not to overexert yourself.  You need to get the leaves off, but you don't have to do it all in one sitting. Finally, investing in a leaf blower this fall might be a good move, as you can do the work you need to do with less effort.  While electric ones are notably quieter, a gas-powered one will get the job done in half the time.  Just be sure not to fire that thing up early in the morning or late in the evening, as the neighbors will most likely resent you for it. However, no matter how you choose to do it, just be sure to get the leaves off your lawn this fall.  Keeping leaves lying on the grass can block sunlight and moisture, rendering your grass diseased. With so many methods of doing it, you can easily get all those pesky leaves off your lawn, and then going back to enjoying your pumpkin spice latte, apple cider donuts, and all the great things fall has to offer!


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