Lights, Camera, Action... Floral Ceiling, Wedding Flowers Coordination

Posted on September 17 2018

Lights, Camera, Action... Floral Ceiling, Wedding Flowers Coordination
When it comes to your wedding, there are so many details to consider; choosing stunning touches of lighting is necessary. It may seem minimal but the ambiance and tone for your special day are set with your lighting. Lighting also ensures quality photos, flattering coloring and venue enhancement. Based on the items you choose to light your space, here are a few ways choosing a luxurious lighting scheme can elevate your wedding! A classic favorite that can give off a vintage or modern vibe is the chandelier. Depending on the style, era, color, and size, chandeliers can be extremely unique and eye-catching conversation starters. Deviate from the typical notion of a chandelier by choosing a cube or spherical hanging feature complete the look with interesting bulbs or candles as your light. While a floral ceiling is a new trend so is the ceiling of lights. Draping strands of lights across your venue creates a whimsical feeling. It also can help brighten, highlight, or hide a ceiling that is lacking in flair or makes the room feel small due to darkness. Whether your wedding is inside or out, a ceiling of lights feels like a sky full of stars. Choose different shapes and styles to create a statement. When it comes to candles, the options are endless. For a whimsical feel, gather some hanging votive of different sizes and shapes. Choose a finish that works well with your color scheme and hang them in one location, throughout the room, in clusters or on their own. On tables, choose long stem candles in unique or vintage holders for a simple but elegant touch. Pillar candles in glass vases are a go to look. You can accentuate different areas: outside your venue, by the alter, on your table, spiraling up stairs, around the bar and to the bathrooms. Candles of varying height are the best way to show off your centerpieces while still allowing people to converse. The simply stunning power of votives is incredible. There are so many ways they can be implemented throughout the venue. A breathtaking option is to place them in clear glass orbs and hang them from the ceiling of the venue. You can place them in mason jars for a rustic vibe or in small, simple votive holders for an elegant touch to your table. Many people don’t consider the options of lanterns however they are extremely versatile as well as coming in many colors and sizes. They can give off different vibes, from contemporary to rustic, and can be lit or unlit. They also can be a ceremonial piece, writing something of meaning on a piece of paper, attaching it to the lantern, and setting it free into the sky. Either way, the floating spheres will make your guests feel warm and the place will be glowing. Uplighting will dramatic statement that can make your space really come together. Place lights around the room near the walls to create shadow and depth. Or highlight your arrangements and centerpieces with bold color choice. Consider using warm tones for a simple elegance or blending a few colors to create a watercolor effect on the walls! The feeling you can give your space with the simple use of uplighting is phenomenal. While it may seem out of the ordinary or un-wedding like, projections are a great way to add texture and pattern to a space. Deviate from the traditional aisle of flowers and project a fun pattern to light your walk to the alter. Give your venue walls or ceiling some texture with fun colors and patterns. Create a backdrop for your ceremony that reflects you theme; for a winter wonderland, choose images of trees or snow and cool or white lighting to portray it. Another fun idea is to portray the new couple’s monogram on the wall behind their table at the reception! To top it all off, the dance floor is a place of gathering at the reception and it cannot fall short. Pull a Saturday Night Fever and install a light up dance floor. Or project the moon and stars on the wall and ceiling to give an outdoorsy and romantic feel. While the lighting may seem like a minimal aspect of your special day, it can’t be overlooked. Choose your budget, do some research, and consider what will make your day look the most beautiful. Choosing the right lighting will top of your day like the bride and groom atop of the cake! Make sure to contact our wedding specialist for a consultation.


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