Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Posted on November 22 2017

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas
It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and all through the house, people are strewn with stress.  Frantic errands and phone calls, not to mention cleaning the mess.  You think you are done, but then realize that you are missing one thing less.  The centerpiece!   The centerpiece is a notable part of any dinner table, but if you were too caught up with getting things ready that you forgot to stop by our shop for a beautiful centerpiece, there’s no need to worry!  You can craft one yourself in a little while that will do just the trick, and the best part is that you don’t need to rely on those less-than-adequate grocery store flowers.  Keep reading on to see what kind of quick fixes you can do! Leaf It to Ingenuity Fall brings lots of things, but mainly fallen leaves that you can use for your table!  Take a few minutes to take a stroll around town, collecting a variety of leaves as you go.  Then, spread them on the center of your table, add a few candles, and you’re done! Pinecone Turkey Now this idea is something real simple, and is easy to get your kids involved, too.  Scour the neighborhood for some fallen pinecones, along with some acorns.  Glue the acorn to the pinecone to serve as the head, add some felt for the beak and wattle, and swistraw ribbon (or even more felt) for the tail feathers.  Oh, and don’t forget the googly eyes! No Need To Wine Creating a great centerpiece can be done in an incredibly short amount of time—just about the time it takes for you to empty a bottle of wine.  Take the empty wine bottle, drape it with leaves, and stick a long white candle at the top.  Score one for being resourceful! Pillars for Filler When it comes to centerpieces, you can never really go wrong with white pillar candles...and the best part is that you can grab them at your closest store.  Simply pick up a pack, put each one into a festive dish (if you have nothing that will do the trick, a simple white will do) and light them once the food is ready to be served.  As simple as that! See, missing out on our centerpieces is not the end of the world—you can easily adapt and survive the day!   Regardless of the centerpiece you have, the day is all about being thankful with your family and friends, so enjoy it and don’t sweat about the small stuff.  From all of us at Garden of Eden Flower Shop, we wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!


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