Keeping Holiday Greenery Fresh

Posted on December 07 2016

Keeping Holiday Greenery Fresh
The holidays largely focus on tradition, and many people in our region would love to have a traditional holiday.  What better way to bring that in than use some good old-fashion, fresh greenery as opposed to the synthetic kind?  While fresh greenery can add immensely to your holiday spirit, it needs to be taken care of in a certain way to ensure that it is fresh for when the big day rolls around.  Join us today as we offer you a simple guide to keeping your greenery fresh! When looking to buy fresh greenery for the holiday, it is important to take note of the kind of greenery that is offered, as some species can last longer than others.  For example, try to stick to pine, fir, and cedar, as they will wilt slower than others.  In addition, knowing when to buy is also an important factor, as buying too early can leave them wilted by Christmas, and waiting until the day before can limit the types available.  As a general rule, wait until about 2 weeks prior to the holiday to buy.  By then you should be safe and should also have a wide selection available. Before decking the halls with your new greenery, do yourself a favor and soak them overnight in a bathtub filled with water.  Doing this allows the them to soak up as much water as they possibly can, which can prove to be a monumental factor for keeping them fresh as it is incredibly difficult to water them once they are up.  Cut any branches before placing them in the water to allow for more water to seep in. Finally, when placing fresh greenery around the home, be sure to stay vigilant of where you place them.  Steer clear from vents, fireplaces, and other open flames.  Also, if you plan to use lights with the fresh greenery, make sure that they are cool as to reduce the risk of fire.  Other than that, let your imagination run wild as you turn your home into the festive paradise, complete with the sight and smells of fresh evergreen. For more holiday tips and tricks, come on into any one of our locations and ask our trained florists for advice, or check back regularly throughout the month as we put up more articles!


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