How To Keep Flowers Fresh

Posted on October 25 2017

How To Keep Flowers Fresh
Flowers are truly a great gift, but the sad truth is that they do not last forever.  While you may not be able to keep them fresh and pristine until the Four Horsemen come, you can make them last a little longer than usual when you follow our tips.  Keep reading on to see how we keep our flowers as fresh as we can! Many people believe that water and a clean vase will keep flowers sustained, and thus keep them bright and strong for a week.  Now, these people are not necessarily wrong (water and a clean vase are extremely important), but there are some more simple tips that you can put into practice in order to push your arrangement into the 2-week range of freshness! For starters, it is important to cut the stems once you get them.  Many people forget to do this simple yet important aspect of flower upkeep, but you’ll see for yourself what a difference it will make.  Be sure to cut on an angle, so the water has plenty of surface area to permeate.  Theoretically, you should be cutting the stems, about an inch at a time, every 2 days, since bacteria will cause the stems to close up and thus reduce the amount of water flow traveling up to the flower itself. By the same token, remember to prune your flowers for both aesthetic and health benefits.  Remove any petals or leaves below the water line, and be sure to cut any “guard petals” that may be preventing the bloom from opening fully.  This will reduce the amount of bacteria that accumulates in the water, which in turn means that your flower has a reasonable shot of making it in the long run. Finally, it is imperative for flower health and freshness to keep them out of direct sunlight and out of a stuffy room.  Obviously, your arrangement will need a certain degree of light to survive, but direct sunlight will only expedite the decaying process, meaning that your flowers will wilt a whole lot faster.  In addition, remember to drop in that little packet of flower food, and be sure to clean out the water and vase every 3 days for maximum freshness! If you need your flowers to last a little bit longer than the average 10 days that our tips will give you, one simple strategy you can try is refrigeration.  Stick your flowers in the refrigerator during the night to slow down the decaying process, and it may just push your arrangement into the 2-week range.  However, keep in mind that any smells that your refrigerator may have will be transferred to the flowers, so it may be a good idea to give it a quick clean before you stick the vase in there! One final note: the amount of time your flowers will last depends wholly on how fresh they were when they were first picked up—so the shop does matter.  Here at the Garden of Eden Flower Shop, we pride ourselves on having some of the freshest flowers out there, which means that they will last the longest when compared to other shops or grocery stores—guaranteed. To experience the Garden of Eden difference, come on into any of our locations today!  


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